Yesterday, While Driving – I Noticed This Doggie Hid Under A Bridge With A Dish Of Leftover Food…

That’s so sweet! It’s wonderful that someone has taken care of the puppy like that. I would suggest bringing the puppy something new to eat, so it has a variety of nutrition.

You could also look around the area to see if there may be a pet rescue or animal shelter nearby that could help provide the puppy with medical attention and a safe place to stay.

Yesterday, While Driving – I Saw This Puppy Hid Under A Bridge With A Dish Of Leftover Food…

17 Jan, a lady found Wat under a bridge in Tak – Thailand. The bridge cross a dry river – but it’s very steep. It took around 2 hours for her to find way reaching to the puppy. There is issue with Wat’s back legs, she couldn’t walk. Her owner must abandoned her few days ago, they left a dish of food with Wat – she nearly finished it…

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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