We thought this wounded girl was scared. But when she healed, we learned we were wrong!

As the girl began to heal, her true personality began to shine through. Here are a few possible directions the story could take:

  • We realized that the girl wasn’t shy at all – she was actually incredibly outgoing and talkative! It turned out that her wounds had made it difficult for her to speak and move around, but as she regained her strength, she couldn’t wait to share her thoughts and stories with us.

  • It was a shock to discover that the girl we had thought was shy was actually a highly skilled fighter. As her wounds closed up, we noticed that her muscles were toned and her reflexes lightning-fast. When we asked her about it, she simply nodded and said, “I had to learn to protect myself.”

  • As the girl’s wounds healed, we saw that she was not only physically strong, but mentally resilient as well. Despite the trauma she had endured, she remained positive and hopeful, always looking for ways to help others. We were inspired by her courage and determination.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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