Walking skeleton turns into the most beautiful husky

Watch this walking skeleton turn into the most beautiful husky 🥺 ❤️ Thank you Friends of Faye for giving Ryker a second chance.

Woah that’s definitely one of the best transformations I’ve ever seen. You could even tell he was a husky at first and then look how gorgeous his coat came back! There are some wonderful people in this world.
This video touched my heart. So happy to see Ryker be given the love he so deserves. I don’t know why he ended up without a family and in the shape that he was in, but….I am thankful for groups out there like Friends of Faye who take the time to give a dog the chance he so deserved! What so many people don’t seem to realize is that if you look into their eyes, it really is the gateway to their soul! There is more there than meets the eyes. They are smart, funny, happy, sad, and a lot of other things in between. All they need is a faithful owner/friend who will feed, love and allow them to exercise whether in a big yard or on a least. They will be faithful to you in return to the end.

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