Two Neglected Doggies Were Kicked Out of The Home – Sad, Naked & Broken-Hearted

I’m so sorry to hear about this heartbreaking situation. It’s difficult to imagine how these two dogs must be feeling. I’m sure they are feeling scared, confused, and abandoned. If there is any way to help these two dogs find a new, loving home, I’m sure they would be very grateful.

If you know of any animal shelters or rescue organizations in the area that could take them in, please reach out to them to find out how you can help.

In the meantime, make sure they have food, water, shelter, and love. They deserve a chance to be happy.

I received a report of two malnourished, sick puppies. They are abused and do not have a safe place to live. They have owners, but they have been abused for a very long time. The owner did not feed and was completely neglected. Two days ago, they were kicked out of their house.


I went to see the Owner, they confirmed. They want after we save and take care of these 2 poor dogs. They forced us to bring them back. Their demands are brazen. We will never accept that. They carelessly let the two poor dogs get into such a situation. They are suffering all the humiliation in this life…

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