This tiny soul almost lost his life from the poison & a miracle occurred to him

Every afternoon I would feed the vulnerable dogs around the area. when we were about to return home, we met this dog, I called him Franka. This little soul was dying from the poison. First we had to tie Franka’s muzzle back because he was biting in pain, otherwise it would be very dangerous for us.

During my rescue dogs, many times I came across the case like Franka’s. Thanks to the previous times for giving me valuable experiences. Fortunately, I always carry the necessary medicine to detoxify Franka. Franka’s life would be very dangerous if left more than 5 minutes later.

After nearly 30 minutes of struggling and running against time I think we helped him out of his crisis. Let’s see if he can survive. You can see from these eyes strong infatuation. I don’t think he understood what happened to him and where he was. But he was clearly being cared for.

Franka was still weak, unable to stand up, the boy was still unable to eat or drink except milk. the boy received intravenous fluids. The danger was almost gone, but he still had a healing process ahead. He would have to re-learn how to eat, drink, walk and trust people.

He was doing really well. He could eat and drink by himself without help. He started to notice other friends in my house. Come to the youtube channel: Pitiful Animal, you will see touching videos about the journey to rescue street dogs.

Like many others, I only fought for the sake of justice. If you love our videos and sympathize with these poor animals, please click the subscribe button to the channel and share the videos so that we have the motivation to help more people in need. Thank you very much!!!!!!!

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