the very poor owner decided to forsaken his pet so he tied it on tree & we fed the poor pooch healthy food

It’s heartbreaking to see pets being abandoned by their owners. It’s fortunate that you and others were able to step in and provide some much-needed care for the poor puppy. It’s important to remember that pets rely on their owners for their basic needs,

such as food, water, and shelter. When owners abandon their pets, it can have serious consequences for the animal’s health and well-being.

Some additional points to consider include:

  • Abandoning a pet is not only cruel, but it’s also illegal in many places.
  • If you come across an abandoned pet, it’s important to take action to ensure their safety and well-being. This may involve bringing them to a local animal shelter, contacting a rescue organization, or reaching out to a veterinarian for help.

  • Providing healthy food is one important way to help an abandoned pet, but it’s also important to ensure they have access to clean water, shelter, and any necessary medical care.

  • By taking action to help an abandoned pet, you are making a positive impact on their life and showing compassion and kindness towards animals in need.

A pet was abandoned by its owner and tied to a tree. The pet was fed healthy food by someone else.

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