The mom spent the last drops of milk feeding her Six canines & then she locked her eyes and died

The mother was a selfless being, sacrificing her last drops of sustenance to ensure her puppies were taken care of.Her legacy of love will live on in the memories of her beloved puppies.

May she rest in peace.This poor mother gave birth in a place where nothing could be worse Immediately after giving birth to 6 little angels, she gradually exhausted and fell into a coma. But she didn’t want her puppies to go hungry She used the last of her milk to help 6 puppies fill their stomachs.

And as soon as we got there, she closed her eyes. She left her 6 puppies in our care and quietly left the world. Come to the youtube channel: Pitiful Animal, you will see touching videos about the journey to rescue street dogs.

Like many others, I only fought for the sake of justice. If you love our videos and sympathize with these poor animals, please click the subscribe button to the channel and share the videos so that we have the motivation to help more people in need. Thank you very much!!!!!!!

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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