The least only 1 pound puppy was discarded by his owner because of deform legs and manage!

Tiniest only 1 pound puppy was dumped by his owner because deform legs and mange!

I had no idea this guy was going to be so tiny, only weighing 1 lb. I paid a transporter to get him to me ASAP from the shelter in the valley (he was an owner surrender), and was shocked when he arrived.

He has some bad mange going on , a belly full of intestinal worms, and the deformities in his legs are from malnutrition. This poor has not been properly taken care of in his short life. It is a result of an at risk immune system having weakened ligaments and Muscles.

It will take time for strengthen them. With good nutrition, supplements, physical therapy, and the right medicine he should be a whole new puppy in a few weeks. even with the inability to fully walk- he loves to eat, and chew on my fingers..

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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