The hound barked & dragged the owner to the water! What was seen there defies explanation!

The owner tried to resist the pull of the hound, but it was no use. As they got closer to the water, the owner could sense something strange in the air. The hound’s barks became more frantic and intense, and the owner’s heart raced with anticipation and fear.

Finally, they reached the water’s edge and the hound went silent, its eyes fixed on something in the distance. The owner followed its gaze and saw a dark shape moving in the water. It was too big to be a fish and too fast to be a turtle.

Suddenly, the dark shape breached the surface and revealed itself to be a creature unlike anything the owner had ever seen. It had a long, serpentine body covered in shimmering scales and multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth. The creature let out a deafening roar that echoed across the water and sent shivers down the owner’s spine.

The hound lunged forward, trying to attack the creature, but the owner managed to hold it back just in time. They knew they had to get out of there before things got even more dangerous. As they fled from the water’s edge, the owner couldn’t help but wonder what other mysteries and terrors lay hidden in the world around them.

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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