The Doggie Was Hopeless But With Love Proves Amazed Things Have Happened…

It’s amazing what love can do! Puppies are so special and with a little bit of love and patience, they can learn and grow in wonderful ways. It’s incredible to see the transformation that can take place with just a little bit of care and attention.

The Puppy Was Hopeless But With Love Proves Amazed Things Have Happened… At just 5 weeks old Boomer was dumped at a shelter because he was born with 2 deformed front legs. He had terrible abscesses on his elbows and upper respiratory infection.

The doctors told that he wouldn’t live past a week. But I see something in him and was going to do whatever it took to give him the best life possible and prove every wrong. In just 7 days, he had already made so much progress. He has lived a year and happier than ever.

He never lets his disability get in his way. He was born with 2 paws and now he have to walk on his elbows. Those same vets that see him today are amazed at how completely wrong they were. I’m so glad i didn’t give up on him. I love my sweetest little Trex!

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