Surgery saves a pet with a huge tumor…

This gracious girl’s life was about to be consumed by a large tumor on her shoulder. We rescued her and determined that the tumor was operable and could be safely removed without jeopardizing her life. What a perfect patient she was, quietly allowing all of her surgery prep to be conducted with patience and–it almost seemed–understanding.

Thank goodness someone called us to rescue her. Without surgery the tumor would have continued to grow and eventually may have impaired her ability to walk. For a street dog who has no specific guardian, that disability would be fatal.

After the tumor was removed this naturally elegant sweetheart radiated good health. Meet beautiful Guli now!

Can we take a moment to thank the wonder Vet Animal Aid has. They may not have top of the line equipment but they really work hard to save these beautiful animals 🙏🐶🐱🐮❤

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