Stray puppy looking for grain dropped from train

It was on October-5-2021 …me & my owner found 2 labrador puppies from railway yard sides . Unfortunately the mama dog wasn’t alive due to got hit by a speedy train 😢😢 Later when my owner kept these pups we started to caring about her . First one was a male & another one was female. Both were siblings. So I decided to keep their name as “Sweety”(for female) and “Sweto” (for male ). Both were super cute, innocent & Playful Now its June 2022 .

They are 9 months already and grow up faster than I imagine 😅. Sweto is annoying but Sweety always behave. Whenever I go outside or return back to home from work both licks my boot , ride over me & looking for pedigree or “Happy-Happy” cookies 🍪😋😋. I love them .. i know I can’t stay here forever with them. So I try to do my best and looking for making them more happy. Pets are our children indeed 👌👌 Thank you for posting this. It reminded me the exact scene what has happened on October 2021 !!! I love you sweety & Sweto ❣🤗🤗 You’re the best creature for us. Truly god’s gift .

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