Skinny Pit Bull Starving On The Roadway Amazing Recovering After Being Recovered

What an amazing story! It is heartwarming to hear about a skinny pit bull being rescued from the streets and being given a second chance at life.

It is wonderful that this pup was given the proper nutrition and care to recover and start a new life. It goes to show the power of love and compassion.

Skinny Pit Bull Starving On The Street Amazing Recovering After Being Rescued Reese was just picked up off the streets of Paterson in this ridiculous condition and is being rushed to Oradell for emergency. We cannot comprehend how this poor soul is even alive and we are at a TOTAL loss for words.

We’re not sure how much longer this baby can hold on for, but we have to do everything we possibly can to try to save this worthy life. There are absolutely no words for the bravery our Reese possesses as she has clearly been fighting for her life for quite some time. Her will to live moves us to tears. We are no where near out of the woods yet,

but this is certainly a step in the right direction. Her body temp is low, she is dehydrated, and she is incredibly weak. However, her pulse is good and strong and she was happy to eat a very small amount of food offered to her by the vet. Not only has she survived the night,

she has even wagged her tail a few times and offered kisses to those cleaning her wounds and caring for her. Our brave Reese continues to fight for her life each and every minute as she battles the horrific repercussions of starvation inflicted upon her by monstrous humans. She is 17 pounds of bones, but her will to live is immeasurable.

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