She’s Tiny, Delicate, Shivering In A Carton Box Near The Trash Bored & Hungered For 10+ Days…

She’s Tiny, Fragile, Shivering In A Carton Box Near The Trash Exhausted And Starved For 10+ Days… When we met Capri, she was huddled in a tiny box with a look that couldn’t be worse. A kind person found her next to a trash can so they put her in that little cardboard box and called us.

She was covered in scabs and fleas, and was so thin that her ribs were visible through her matted fur. She was physically and mentally exhausted from being starved for 10+ days…

So happy Capri got rescued and saved. Such a beautiful little nugget that’s full of life and energy after her miracle transformation. She completely blossomed! Thank you! What a lucky girl 🙏
Love the transition and it was interesting seeing her develop a lot of energy pretty quickly. I am glad she got the forever home and the loving family that she desperately needed and she is a beautiful little dog. No-one should end up in the situation she was in.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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