She Was Scared – Ran Away & Huddled Up Under The Camper…

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She Was Terrified – Ran Away And Huddled Up Under The Trailer… It all started yesterday when we spotted a new face in the area where we recently rescued Jade, we went to check her out. Unfortunately just as we did, a large territorial male came over, wanting to make sure any food we had went to him,

as this little girl tried to approach us, he went for her, not badly but enough to scare her off and we couldn’t get to her. This morning we want back prepared.. and there she was, huddled up under the trailer, on a little hay bed, so we easily scooped her up.

Just as we were about to drive off, a man ran over to us to ask if we could take another that had recently been dumped there.. so we went to take a look and we found another beautiful 3 month old pup with an injury to one of her eyes…

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