She was hiding from people, scared that she would be backstabbed again and thrown out into the street

As she crouched behind the dumpster, her heart racing with fear, she couldn’t shake the feeling of vulnerability that seemed to cling to her. She had been hurt before, and the memory of the pain still haunted her. She knew that she couldn’t keep hiding forever, but the thought of facing the world again was almost too much to bear.

Despite her fear, she knew that she needed to take action to protect herself. Here are some things she could consider doing:

  • Finding a support group or therapist to help her work through her trauma

  • Seeking out a safe place to stay, such as a shelter or a friend’s home
  • Learning self-defense techniques to feel more empowered and confident

  • Trusting her instincts and avoiding situations or people who make her feel unsafe

No one deserves to feel afraid and alone, but it’s important to remember that there are resources and people who can help. By taking small steps towards healing and safety, she can start to rebuild her sense of security and trust in the world around her.

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