She was exited for days on a dirt road. Cold & damp at evening, and shocked she survived!

As she sat there, shivering and alone, she couldn’t help but wonder how she had ended up in this situation. Was it a terrible accident? Or had someone intentionally left her there to suffer? Regardless of the cause, she knew that she needed to find a way to survive. Here are some possible next steps for her:

  • Look for sources of food and water. If she’s lucky, she might be able to find a nearby stream or some edible berries to sustain herself until help arrives.

  • Try to signal for help. If there are any passing cars or planes, she could use a reflective object to catch their attention and call out for assistance.

  • Stay warm and dry. Even if she can’t find shelter, she can use her own body heat to stay warm by huddling up and covering herself with any available materials.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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