She was dumped in scared, unsure, pregnant…giving birth and 70 days of her puppy’s journey!

It must have been a difficult journey for her, but it’s heartwarming to see how resilient she was. Her journey also highlights the importance of providing support and care to pregnant dogs and their puppies. Here are some additional thoughts on the topic:

  • Pregnant dogs require special care and attention to ensure that they are healthy and their puppies develop properly.
  • Proper nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care are essential during pregnancy and after birth.

  • It’s important to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the mother and her puppies during their journey.
  • Abandoning a pregnant dog is not only cruel but also puts the mother and her puppies in danger. If you are unable to care for a pregnant dog, there are many shelters and rescue organizations that can help.

  • Adopting a rescue dog, like this mother and her puppies, not only provides a loving home but also helps to reduce the number of dogs in shelters.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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