She was abandoned next to a busy highway at frozen night, Alone with her big she staying for help!

As the freezing wind whipped around her, she huddled close to her loyal dog, trying to stay warm. With no one in sight and cars whizzing by on the busy highway, she felt helpless and alone. But she knew she couldn’t give up hope. Here are some things she could do to improve her situation:

  • Call for help: If she had a phone, she could try to call for help. Even if she didn’t have a signal, it was worth a try.

  • Stay warm: She could try to keep herself and her dog warm by wrapping them both in blankets or extra clothing. She could also start a small fire if she had anything to burn.

  • Wait for rescuers: Help would eventually come, whether it was from a passerby or a rescue team. She just needed to stay calm and patient.


Despite the scary situation, she knew that she and her dog would make it through the night. They just needed to hold on a little longer.

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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