She thought that the canine’s ears were covered, but when she got closer, she shrieked in horror!

As she got closer to the puppy, she realized that it was not a wrap on its ears but a severe case of mange. The poor puppy’s skin was covered in scabs, and it was clear that it had not received proper medical care for a long time.


The sight of the suffering animal was heart-wrenching, and she felt an immediate urge to help it. Here are some possible continuations based on different scenarios:

  • She quickly took the puppy to the nearest animal hospital, where the veterinarians examined it and prescribed a treatment plan. She decided to adopt the puppy and give it a loving home once it recovered.


  • She called the local animal rescue organization and reported the case, hoping that they could take the puppy in and provide it with the care it needed. She stayed with the puppy until the rescue team arrived and comforted it with gentle strokes.

  • She felt overwhelmed by the situation and didn’t know what to do. She took a few deep breaths and reminded herself that she couldn’t save every animal in the world, but she could make a difference for this one. She went home and researched local animal welfare organizations that she could support with donations or volunteer work.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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