She suffered a long time with a ton of matted fur, so scared try to run away from us when we try to help her

It sounds like the poor animal you’re describing had been neglected for quite some time. It’s not uncommon for pets who have been left unattended to develop matted fur, which can be very uncomfortable and even painful for them.

It’s possible that this is why she was so scared when you tried to help her. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when trying to help an animal in this situation:

  • Be patient and gentle with the animal. They may not be used to being touched or handled, especially if they’ve been neglected.

  • Consider taking the animal to a professional groomer or veterinarian who can safely remove the matted fur without causing any harm.
  • If you’re going to attempt to remove the mats yourself, be very careful. Use scissors or clippers designed for pet grooming, and make sure you’re not cutting too close to the skin.


  • Once the mats have been removed, make sure to keep the animal’s fur clean and well-groomed. This will help prevent future matting and keep them comfortable.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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