She shedding tears creeping beside the highway in a malnourished, burned timid request for help!

She shedding tears dragging beside the highway in malnourished, burned scared begging for help!

We’ve named her Majò, which means strong in Kwéyòl (St Lucia’s local dialect). She’s endured a level of (over time) I’ve never seen before. She hasn’t given up though, so we certainly won’t. We are all in it together. She is so malnourished, she is skin and bones and has so very little strength.

Her front left paw appears broken, raw, and swollen. Her back right leg cannot bear any weight at all. She is covered in healed wounds that look like old burns. Her fur is still falling off around the largest “burn”.

She smiles so well! Mayo health and long life. Many thanks to everyone for giving a chance for a better life, not giving up and helping !!! 🙏

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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