She Mortified by Her Barbarian & Ugly Body, Constantly Concealing From Individuals

She Embarrassed by Her Rough And Ugly Body, Constantly Hiding From People This is Luna who had been suffering from mange for months. Her fur was patchy and matted, and her skin was red and irritated. Luna was so self-conscious about her appearance that she avoided all human contact.

She would hide in the corner of her owner’s backyard, too afraid to look at people. Luna’s condition worsened sepsis, a life-threatening infection. The vet said that Luna’s sepsis was caused by the mange and that she needed to be bathed with a special shampoo that would help to heal her skin.

Luna was hesitant at first, but the vet was gentle and kind. They bathed her with the special shampoo and then wrapped her in warm towels. Luna felt so much better after her bath. Her skin was no longer irritated, and her fur was starting to grow back. Over time, Luna’s condition improved dramatically.

Her fur grew back thick and shiny, and her skin was no longer red and irritated. She no longer felt self-conscious about her appearance and slowly started to trust humans again. She began to wag her tail and even allowed people to pet her.

Luna was grateful to the vet for saving her life and for giving her the chance to see this amazing transformation. From then on, Luna was a happy and confident dog who loved to play and be around people.

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