Senior Street Dog Retrieved with Massive Tumor on her Stomach

Elderly Street Dog Rescued with Massive Tumor on her Stomach Pregnant Mother Dog Victim of a Road Accident, All The Pups Died in the Belly.

RRSAINDIA, Anand, a Gujarat-based Animal Welfare Organization working for the betterment and free quality treatment of stray mute animals, they have its own Veterinary Hospital, Animal Shelter, Animal Ambulances, and Qualified Vets working towards the cause to provide timely treatment to innocent stray animals.

Thank you for taking care of this dog, saving her life and for the love you give her.

So much in pain n discomfort still so silent. Just wagging her tail. Thnk you everyone 🙏.God bless you all. Little one hope u find a loving family soon. Cuddles n kisses sweetie 😘❤🥰


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