Pails Of Water Were Poured Into His Skinny Body When He Ran To Hide From Human…

It is unclear from the initial content what exactly happened to the person who ran to hide from humans. However, the use of the word “emaciated” suggests that the person may have been malnourished or suffering from some kind of illness. Here are some possible continuations that build on this context:

  • …but it was too late. He had already contracted a deadly virus that had ravaged his body. The buckets of water only made his condition worse, and he eventually succumbed to the illness.
  • …and he cried out in pain as the freezing water hit his skin. The humans who were chasing him laughed and jeered, enjoying the cruelty of their actions. He knew he would never be safe as long as they were around.

  • …and he stumbled and fell to the ground, unable to keep running. The humans caught up to him and beat him mercilessly, leaving him for dead. He lay there for hours, barely conscious, until a kind stranger found him and took him to a hospital.

  • …and he realized too late that he had run into a trap. The humans had been waiting for him, armed with buckets of water mixed with chemicals that burned his skin and made him delirious. He was captured and taken to a laboratory, where he was used for cruel experiments for the rest of his short life.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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