Mama Dog is Screaming, Begging to Be Rescued After Giving Birth to 10 Puppies in The Cold Snow

Oh no! Mama Dog needs help! It sounds like a very cold and difficult situation for her and her puppies.

We should do what we can to save them. The first step is to get them out of the cold and into a warm, safe environment. If you have access to a nearby shelter or animal rescue organization, we should contact them right away. They may have the resources and personnel to help Mama Dog and her puppies.

If you don’t have access to such resources, you could try setting up a makeshift shelter in your own home. Make sure to provide blankets, food, and water for Mama Dog and her puppies. You could also get in touch with friends and family to see if they can help in some way.


Don’t forget to take pictures of the puppies and post them online to help find them loving homes. Good luck!

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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