Kevin M. Danner !! encountered a happy puppy, starring Mango worms & Fatou and Make doggie happy

It sounds like Kevin M. Danner has stumbled upon a happy puppy! It’s always heartwarming to see a pup wagging its tail and enjoying life. The mention of Mango worms, Fatou, and Make Puppy Happy #21 makes me think that Kevin may be involved in animal rescue or advocacy work.

Mango worms are actually a type of botfly larvae that can infect dogs and other animals, causing skin irritation and other health problems. It’s possible that Kevin has come across a puppy with this condition and is working to help it heal.

The hashtags #Fatou and #MakePuppyHappy21 could be related to a specific campaign or organization that Kevin is supporting. It’s wonderful to see people using their platforms to promote causes they care about, especially when it comes to animal welfare.

Overall, it’s great to hear about people like Kevin who are making a positive impact in the world, one happy puppy at a time!

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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