In The Will, He Owns A Home – But They Let Him Live Outdoors, Long Dirty Hair Covered By Bryophyte!

That sounds like a very difficult situation! It’s admirable that this person is willing to sacrifice their own comfort in order to honor the wishes of their late loved one.

It’s important to remember that although they are living outside and have long, dirty hair, they still have the support of their family and community.


We should all do our best to be kind and respectful towards those who are facing difficult times.

I can’t believe in my eyes when saw this dog on our VK. But Yoki was found exactly like that on 04 Nov 22, with collar still on, long-dirty hair covered by bryophyte. Yoki used to be a cute pet, with warm bed and good food, his owner was a 80-year-old nice lady, got him as a gift.

Before she gone, her will put her house and Yoki together., meaning whoever took her house had to take care Yoki. But her daughters fight again each others and never take care of Yoki…

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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