Immediately After Dog Was Rescued She Gives Birth In The Back Of A Car

Rebecca Lynch was vacationing with her husband in Savannah, Georgia, when she definite to make an unplanned stop before going back home. While most people buy souvenirs, Lynch decided to take something more useful with her. “I know there are many shelters in Georgia where many dogs are euthanized. I knew I wanted to rescue the most needy dog from a shelter before I went home” Lynch told The Dodo.


Lynch heard about Lizzy, a young terrier facing euthanasia, from a friend who lived in the same area. According to Lynch, someone had left the pregnant Lizzy at an animal shelter. Lynch knew he couldn’t let the young dog, who also had a broken leg, suffer any longer.

To make the hours-long journey to Florida as comfortable as possible for the homeless dog, the couple put a bed and duvet in the back seat. Lynch took a seat next to Lizzy and gently stroked her while her husband was driving. “I knew she was nervous and scared, and I just wanted to comfort her on the journey,” Lynch said. But the couple may have done too much to make Lizzy feel safe. After about an hour, she finally relaxed and rubbed her little head against my hand while I petted her,” Lynch said. When she felt safe and secure, she decided it was time. She started gasping and wiggling, and I said to my husband, ‘I think she got into labor! It took only 20 minutes for Lizzy to give birth to her first puppy in the back seat of the car. Lynch acted as midwife, making sure the young mother stayed calm and all the babies were safe.

,,When they reached a veterinarian, Lizzy had given birth to three puppies. She was a pro!” said Lynch. “We went to the vet right away and they said everything seemed to be fine.” But that’s not all, Lynch noted: ,,At the vet Lizzy gave birth to another puppy and two more on the return trip. It was a great experience and Lizzy was a wonderful mom.” After an eventful journey to freedom, the little family is doing well. Lizzy and her six puppies will spend certain days at the vet before going back to Lynch, where they will be fostered until they are ready to find their forever homes.

Lizzy knows she’s lucky, and she shows her rescuers that she’s appreciative for this second chance: ‘Lizzy is a treasure. Despite everything she’s been through in her short life, she’s so loving and trusting,” Lynch says. She is a kind and loving soul. Really remarkable.”