Homeless Doggie Was Despair Years Before We Gave Him A Prince

It’s heartbreaking to think about how long that poor dog was suffering before you were able to give him the love and care he deserved. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for homeless animals to endure neglect and abuse before they are rescued.

Your act of kindness in giving him a home and treating him like royalty is truly commendable. Here are some things you can do to keep your furry friend happy and healthy:

  • Schedule regular vet check-ups to keep up with his health and any potential medical issues.
  • Provide a balanced diet and plenty of fresh water.

  • Give him plenty of exercise and playtime to keep him active and engaged.
  • Create a comfortable living space with a cozy bed and toys to keep him entertained.
  • Show him lots of love and affection, as he may still be adjusting to his new surroundings.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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