His Skin Was Like Concrete. A Frightened Boy That Life Has Stood Cold…

His silent tears formed rivers that ran deep and wide,
For he had been a victim of life’s bitter tide.

Though his skin was like concrete, his heart was still so tender,
And every day he felt like his life would never mend.
But he was resilient and strong, he didn’t give up the fight,
He kept going, kept hoping, and kept his dreams in sight.

And one day he found the courage to break free from his chains,
And he finally realized his life could still contain joy and gain.

His Skin Was Like Concrete. A Frightened Boy That Life Has Been Unkind… Eliel is a shy, frightened boy that life has been unkind. We found him wandering on street, his skin is damaged and he was so weak. His skin was like concrete and it made him really painful.



He is confused and sad. His body hurts him. His leg is injured. Poor Eliel only knows loneliness and doesn’t know what is happening now.

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