He’s The Victim of 2 Heartless Owners, But…Let’s All Watch This Warrior

He’s The Victim of 2 Heartless Owners, But…Let’s All Watch This Warrior Harold was born into a local puppy mill that locks mother dogs into cramped cages and breeds thousands of puppies for financial profit. Due to overbreeding, puppy mill animals are at a high risk of developing serious congenital defects such as heart disease, kidney disease, blood disorders, deafness, and permanent paralysis, among others. After taking a few newborn breaths, Harold was sold to an unsuspecting buyer for $7,000. Harold’s new owner brought him home and nursed him through an initial upper respiratory infection.

Then, without warning, Harold suddenly lost the ability to use his back legs due to curvature of the spine caused by excessive overbreeding at the puppy mill–the condition is similar to scoliosis and eliminates all sensation in his hindquarters.Overwhelmed, Harold’s new owner surrendered him to Dallas DoggRRR and we quickly transported Harold to the emergency animal hospital. Harold spent two days in the hospital and struggled to eat without regurgitating. Doctors performed emergency exploratory surgery on Harold and found ulcerations and a stricture in his intestines, abdominal adhesions, swollen lymphnoids, elevated liver values, and gastro fluid through his abdomen and eshophagus. This little guy has been a resident at Dallas DogRRR for years and serves as our rescue mascot and social media ambassador.

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