Her Stomach Swelled Up & Was About to Burst, She Couldn’t Subsist..

The Owner Sold Their House And Forgot About A Puppy And His Mother They’re Starved There… Meet Daisy! There, lying on the ground, was a tiny puppy, barely two months old, but there was something terribly wrong with her.

The puppy was lying on her back, her belly swollen and filled with liquid. The huge belly was exploding… She couldn’t get up. Daisy is helpless…no one to help this poor baby. She looked extremely exhausted and was unable to move or even eat.

Without hesitation, kind girl scooped up the puppy into her arms and rushed her to the nearest veterinarian clinic. The doctors quickly took the puppy into the examination room, where they worked tirelessly to save her. The doctors discovered that the puppy had fluid buildup in her belly, causing immense discomfort and making it difficult for her to breathe.

They knew immediate action was necessary to give her a fighting chance at survival. The liquid is being aspirated, hope the puppy is fine. As the fluid was removed, the puppy began to show signs of relief. Her breathing eased, and she even managed a feeble wag of her tail.

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