Helping canine Extracting ticks from puppy’s ear

Note: Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 virus in our country Cambodia, we decided stop go outside to do volunteer work in the villages for a while. So, we may use our old work video instead of new video about a month until we can go out and do new work.

Hope that everyone not forget us and still connect/watch our new upload everyday. We hope you will enjoy it and share at least one of our videos today… @Liheang’s Animals Channel – and including all viewer that supporting us is an important part of helping us with encouragement and funding for continued this work, the more animals we can rescue.

We are not an organization or veterinarian. We are just animal lovers who wanna help them as much as we can effort. However, we’re thanks so much to all fan that’s alway encourage us on this work.

The patience to clean it and free it from pain shows the love they have for animals God bless them

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