He Was Calling For A Whole Night After They Abandoned Him In A Box Until I Discovered Him In The Morning!

It’s heartbreaking to think about the poor pup being left alone and scared in a box all night long. But thankfully, you were able to find him in the morning and give him the love and care he deserved. It’s not uncommon for abandoned animals to experience a lot of anxiety and fear,

but with patience and compassion, they can learn to trust again. Here are some things you can do to help your new furry friend adjust to his new home:

  • Create a safe and comfortable space for him, such as a cozy bed and a designated area for food and water.

  • Give him plenty of attention and affection to help build a bond of trust between you.
  • Establish a routine for feeding, walks, and playtime to help him feel more secure.

  • Consider enrolling him in obedience training classes to help him learn basic commands and socialize with other dogs.
  • Above all, be patient and understanding as he adjusts to his new life with you. With time and love, he will surely flourish into a happy and healthy companion.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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