He was abandoned beside the river, bobbing in cold & wet underneath raining hopelessly waiting for help!

He was dumped beside the river, shaking in cold and wet under raining hopeless waiting for help!

In my road to a clinic to buy some special medicine for a very sick puppy. I hear from inside of my car, a dog screaming.. I stop the car immediately and I discover that skinny body, full of wounds, without hair It’s broken my heart!

This poor dog was abandoned beside of a bridge, outside it, over a flowing water. This proves once again that some have no soul, fear of law or God ..That there is no longer any scruples.

Very handsome doggy! Many thanks to the Man for the kind heart and the salvation of the baby. You are a real person.

How painful it is to look at such cases of human cruelty and it is pleasant to tears when. such kind people do not pass by .. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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