He was abandoned alone on the highway, strolling down the road & crying in pain

He was abadoned alone on the street, walking down the road and crying in pain

Her little 2 pound body is completely covered in sores and scabs. She cries out in pain, so we went right to the vet. We thought maybe the horrific skin infection was caused by mange, but the medical team does not believe it’s mange and more that she was burned with something or dipped in something. Her tail is hairless and red & blistered.

Her ears are thick & crusty, swollen and filled w pus. She smells so bad, it’s sickening. This tiny angel is suffering and it’s heartbreaking to hear her pitiful little cries.

Just look at the beautiful color of the puppy!? God bless him in life

Low bow to you kind people! Thank you so much for rescuing these cute pet helpless dogs! God bless you all! ALL EARTHLY BENEFITS! And who brings pain to animals, nonhumans are thrown out to mock animals, let them be punished by the same fate of the monsters Soulless nonhumans!

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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