He lived on this road for 2 years remaining for his owner to come back to pick him up

During those 2 years, the dog became a familiar sight to many of the neighborhood’s residents. They would often see him sitting outside his house or walking along the street, always keeping an eye out for his owner’s return.

Despite the many attempts by kind-hearted individuals to take him in and care for him, the loyal dog refused to leave his post, convinced that his owner would come back for him eventually.

Over time, the residents of the street grew to love the dog for his unwavering loyalty and devotion. They would often stop by to give him treats or pat him on the head, and some even started leaving out bowls of water and food for him.

Despite their efforts to make him feel at home, however, the dog remained vigilant, always waiting for the one person he truly wanted to see – his owner.

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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