He lay in the bushes crying in pain, frozen, fearful for 3 days without help, the real truth behind it!

It must have been a terrifying experience for him to be stuck in the bushes in pain and fear for three days without help.

The circumstances that led to his being there must have been incredibly difficult and it’s heartbreaking to think of him going through such a traumatic experience.

I hope he was able to find the help he needed and that he is doing better now.

He laid in the bushes crying in pain, frozen, scared for 3 days without help, the real truth behind! A friend called to tell js that an injured dog was laying next to the road,we immediately went to find him. We got him in the care and took him to the vet. We were thinking that his injuries happened cause of a car. And what happened? THE DOG WAS NOT HIT BY A CAR! HE WAS SHOOT AT!!!!!


The x ray showed 3 bullts (air gun), one of those was a life changing! He was in a spinal cord and he changed his life forever!!! He will never be able to walk again! He will never be able to run! His life is destroyed! And why???? Cause some maniac was bored? Is it because they are helpless and you can do whatever you want to them? Is it cause you were raised to think that it’s just a dog and you have no use of him? Is it cause you live in a country where most awful things like these remain unpunished

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