This touching video shows the moment a brave dog dove into a lake, paddled out around 200 feet, and saved a fawn from drowning. However, the kind dog did not stop there. Even after removing the small creature from the water, he continued to take care of her.

Harley, a Goldendoodle who is 6 years old, and Virginia resident Ralph Dorn went for a stroll. Ralph and his animal companion frequently visit the nearby lake since it’s a terrific spot for outdoorsy folks to let their adventurous side run wild.

Harley enjoys exploring the area around the lake, but he never ventures too far from his owner. The difference this time is that the dog vanished out of thin air. But Ralph didn’t see his dog until he turned to stare at the lake’s surface. And he wasn’t by himself. The ex-marine immediately realized that his dog was transporting an additional animal.

A young deer became stuck in the lake’s center and was unable to swim back to the shore. It’s impossible to say what caused it to happen in the first place, but Harley definitely acted quickly to save the newborn deer when he saw it in trouble. But only because the compassionate dog continued to care for the poor animal even after the man was able to get it to shore.

Harley didn’t want to leave this fawn, Ralph said, according to People. He simply kept petting it, licking it, and tending to it. Even as a puppy, we could see from away that he had such a good heart. He’s always been that way around kids and animals. He adores everyone of them.

Ralph claimed he had no idea how the young deer got into the water, but he was quite pleased with how his dog had been able to save the day. When Harley’s pleased owner finally made the decision to post about his bravery on Facebook, the post quickly went viral with many people appreciating the kind-hearted canine.

Ralph stated in a post that has since gone viral, “Not sure how the fawn got out there but Harley certainly didn’t ask why, he just leapt into action.” The baby stopped bleating, the dogs brushed noses and gave each other a sniff before Harley calmly followed me back inside.

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