Damaged so badly, emergency surgery was this road canine’s only chance.

This lady dog’s neck was ripped apart in a road accident. Maybe the vehicle’s tire caught her skin. She was likely only a few hours from death when her neighbors found her and called us to rescue her.

Her bright eyes were filled with alarm, but she hardly moved when our rescue team carried her with the help of the kind neighbor who kept her safe as our ambulance hurried to arrive. We had no time to lose.

We rushed her back to the hospital and our surgeon found that there was enough skin left to close the wound with sutures, and began the procedure immediately. In the coming days, we would have to wait to ensure that infection didn’t develop. As the days passed we breathed sighs of relief that the healing was going so well.

This wound was such a close call–she never would have survived without immediate surgery and thanks to the help of our supporters we had what it took to save her life. When her healing had progressed, we spayed her, and during her weeks in the hospital, her incredibly gentle nature has filled us with love. Meet Molly now!

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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