Catching her makes my soul hurt, my heart tightens Her resigned gaze was unbearable

It sounds like you are experiencing a deep emotional reaction to someone you recently saw. Here are some possible continuations based on the context of your content:

  • Perhaps there is history between you and this person that has left you with unresolved feelings. It can be difficult to see someone from your past and feel the weight of those emotions all over again.

  • Alternatively, it could be that this person is going through a difficult time and you feel empathy for their struggle. Sometimes seeing someone else in pain can be hard to bear, especially if you care about them.

  • Whatever the reason for your heartache, it’s important to take care of yourself and process your emotions in a healthy way.


  • This might mean talking to a trusted friend or therapist, practicing self-care, or finding a creative outlet to express your feelings. Remember that your emotions are valid and it’s okay to take time to work through them.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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