Canine’s foot was destroyed & degloved, but when he healed, he piped!

This precious teenaged puppy screamed in pain when his rescuers tried to lift him. His feet had been run over by a vehicle, and one paw was crushed and degloved. His toes were splayed and swollen to twice their normal size. Standing was too excruciating to bear.

Had he been an older dog with more brittle bones, he might have been facing an amputation, but this young boy still had soft bones. We treated his wound and wrapped his intensely painful feet in thick bandages which we changed every day.

The little guy was one of the most careful young patients we’ve ever had. He seemed determined to cause no fuss. But he was so inward we wondered if he was depressed. Then, when he’d progressed a bit on his healing journey, well, this boy burst out in song. Meet Elvis now!

His condition before was absolutely heart wrenching. 💔 So thrilled he’s doing well now. You rescuers are heroes! ❤Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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