Blubbering Account of A Canine Chased Away, Live Quick, Difficult Place Next to The Furnace of a Sugar

Tearful Story of A Puppy Chased Away, Live Temporary, Dangerous Place Next to The Furnace of a Sugar Meet Carbon! He was completely abandoned when he was a 1 month old baby. Carbon wanders around the small town, is chased away and gradually finds a safe place as the “heater” of the sugar factory.

“There he won’t be chased away because no one cares about this unfortunate baby.” Every day he had to eat coal and molasses, so his little feet were burned. Carbon’s body was covered with molasses. When we met him, he looked a lot like a coal. The whole body is dirty, gloomy.

Carbon is very weak and emaciated, he is very anemic. After he was bathed, we could see that much of his body hair was burned off. However, we can see a strong character in this little soul. The baby will receive medical care for a quick recovery. The baby has to fight a lot…

to have any hope of surviving in this world. Carbon gets milk and vitamins… He’s been born again. Carbon has changed a lot, he is gradually becoming a guy, Carbon is very friendly. Carbon is vaccinated for the first time… Thank you all, thank you to everyone who loved and supported this little angel.

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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