Being left on the roof while pregnant, fighting on her own for so long left her exhausted.

Another angel had come to live with us. She was abandoned on the roof when the owner moved out. She had to fend for herself for a long time. At the vet, Ruby immediately had her teeth shaved and her hair trimmed. Ruby was extremely shy with humans. Unfortunately, she had heartworm disease and was pregnant. I still wanted to cry thinking about her past but I would change her future. Ruby sparkles as beautiful as a ruby with innocent beauty. Ruby didn’t go for a walk because of heartworm, pregnant dogs also needed reasonable walking exercise That day I prepared a special meal for her. It was unclear when Ruby’s due date was, but she was growing fast. This was Ruby’s gifts made by my sister herself. Ruby played with toys for the first time, she inverted, spined. She was such a cute and charming dog.

Everything was ready to welcome the little angels. Ruby had a separate room for babies and a special care room. Lots of applause, kisses and love for Ruby who gave birth to healthy puppies. She did a great job she was naturally cleaning her babies which showed what a great mom she would be. Well, that was the longest night ever. A bright day but with extreme stress, Ruby really had suffered too much. On the first day, she took great care of her children. Ruby always put the puppies in the right position so that they all suckled properly. She was feeding them and taking great care of them. She even displayed protective behavior whenever Woody, the giant cat hid. The cries of puppies always echoed in my head. A feeling of extreme happiness and joy. It gave me a chance to see how strong motherhood could be.

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