Animals That Asked People for Help & Kindness

Hi everyone! This is part 7 of Animals that asked people for help & kindness. We hope you have enjoyed the series so far. Have you ever heard that elephants never forgets? This video opens up with a clip of an elephant lovingly tackling a human. An elephant is one of the most empathetic animals on earth. These elephants must have met other good humans, remembering that we are not a danger but loving beings too. Now not all animals were as lucky as that elephant. Quite often such wild animals get trapped because of human contraption. As an example, you can see a racoon stuck in a plastic bag. A human comes to help release the racoon, even though there is a risk of rabies and biting. After they saved the raccoon, they fed him treats and love. Imagine the racoon, not knowing what’s happening and being stuck. But a nice person helped them out. Wouldn’t you like to have had someone like that in your life as well? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It means if you share kindness, they may return it back to you. We hope that the raccoon can now safely return to it’s home.

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