A heartless owner dumped a pregnant puppy in the middle of city. She yelled so loudly but no one help

It’s heartbreaking to hear about incidents of animal cruelty like this. Not only is abandoning a pregnant dog in the middle of the city a cruel act, but ignoring her cries for help makes it even worse. Here are some things to consider in situations like this:

  • If you ever witness animal cruelty or see an animal in distress, it’s important to report it to local authorities immediately. This could be your local animal control, police department, or animal welfare organization.

  • It’s important to remember that animals cannot speak up for themselves, so it’s up to us as humans to advocate for them and ensure they’re treated with kindness and respect.
  • In cases like this, it’s possible that the dog could have been taken in by a local animal shelter or rescue organization. If you’re able to, consider reaching out to these groups in your area to see if they have any information or could use your help in caring for animals in need.

  • Finally, remember that there are many ways you can make a positive impact on animal welfare in your community, such as volunteering at a local animal shelter, donating to animal welfare organizations, or simply spreading awareness about the importance of treating animals with compassion and kindness.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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